Link to Asterisk siteVOIP is here now – analogue is obsolete & compared to proprietary switchboards, Asterisk offers a phenomenal cost savings in both the initial capital outlay for hardware & in the ongoing system maintenance. As the system runs on standard PC architecture spares can be purchased at almost any IT shop. The software is opensource, anybody with Asterisk experience can maintain┬áthe system.

Call savings are another point as calls can be routed over multiple providers, over multiple mediums offering redundancy & scalability. Using a VOIP provider offers the most cost effective call, but requires a stable good quality internet or direct link.

Scalability & flexibility of a VOIP switchboard makes it attractive when more extensions does not have to translate to expensive proprietary cards. With a VOIP system & dependent on infrastructure, just add more instruments or software-phones to the network.

Offered here are Asterisk-based VOIP end-to-end services – including: planning, acquisition & implementation.